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Maintain your car components with top-notch dry ice blasting services from 5280 Motorsports.

Premium cars require maintenance just like any other automobile. Some of them even need special types of services to retain their appeal and performance. At 5280 Motorsports, we can help you keep your premium car in pristine condition. We provide dry ice blasting in Denver, CO. Our team specializes in servicing cars from German manufacturers, such as Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

Dry Ice Blasting Services

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Cleaning with dry ice blasting is a non-destructive cleaning method. It utilizes dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, as the cleaning medium, hence the name. While it’s commonly used for commercial and industrial applications, plenty of automotive experts also perform dry ice blasting when cleaning car surfaces and components.
A close-up of a car front end view and a an automechanic holding a pressure-washer.

The Benefits of

Dry Ice Blasting

Similar to traditional cleaning methods, the goal of dry ice blasting cars is to keep them free from harmful substances, such as dirt, dust, and grime. These things don’t only have the potential to impair the overall appeal of car surfaces, but they can also affect the performance of the components.

Here are some advantages you can get when you opt for dry ice blasting car cleaning:

1. It offers superior cleaning.

While traditional cleaning methods are proven to work well, cleaning with dry ice blasting offers better results. The use of this method allows automotive mechanics to access and clean tight spaces.

Blast cleaning using compressed air propelled at a supersonic speed takes advantage of kinetics and thermodynamics. It helps easily lift off contaminants from hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas.

2. It allows cleaning in place.

When you opt for blast cleaning using dry ice, there's no need to disassemble and reassemble car components. It's safe for a wide variety of surfaces, so there's no need to remove and isolate car parts before cleaning them.

The thing that makes blast cleaning with dry ice safe is that it doesn't involve the use of aqueous or chemical solutions that can be harmful to some car components. It allows almost every part, including engines and electronic systems, to be cleaned in place.

3. It is a non-abrasive method.

Dry ice is a very soft medium. It's safe to use and doesn't cause any damage to car surfaces and components. In fact, it only has a hardness of 2 in the Mohs scale of hardness, according to the Institute for Research and Technical Assistance.

Being a non-abrasive method that doesn't cause scratches, etches, and changes in the surface dimensions, dry ice blasting car restoration helps prolong the life expectancies of car components.

Professional operators of blasting machines can provide you with a gentler clean. They can reduce the particle size of the dry ice and decrease its velocity as it exits the system.

4. It offers faster cleaning.

Traditional cleaning methods involve the use of chisels and scrapers. Aside from being harmful, the utilization of these tools requires manual labor, which is time-consuming.

Some other cleaning techniques that use harmful chemicals are also not a viable option. They require disassembling car components to isolate the ones that need cleaning and prevent causing any damage to other fragile parts.

Dry ice blasting car detailing, on the other hand, allows automotive experts to work more efficiently. It makes the job easier and faster for operators, so you can get your premium car cleaned in a shorter amount of time.

5. It doesn't involve the use of hazardous cleaning agents.

As mentioned, blast cleaning with dry ice doesn't involve the use of harmful chemical solutions. Not only does it result in a faster and gentler clean, but it also improves your safety.

Chemical residue on car surfaces can cause health issues. Some can lead to skin and eye burns, while some can cause more serious conditions, such as dermatitis, asthma, and breathing problems.

6. It is environmentally friendly.

Dry ice blasting car cleaning doesn't generate any secondary waste. When dry ice gets in contact with the surface to be cleaned, it instantaneously returns to its gaseous state. It leaves no moisture or any other residue.

Whether you want to reduce the chemicals or water used for cleaning or enhance cross-contamination and sanitation in your premium car, dry ice blasting automotive is the best way forward.

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work

The best way to understand how dry ice blasting works is to take consumer pressure washers as an example. These machines accelerate water with compressed air and force it through a nozzle to create more pressure on the surface to be cleaned.

In the case of consumer pressure washers, water or a chemical solution is the spray agent. With dry ice blasting machines, however, the medium used is carbon dioxide granulate or dry ice.

Unlike other cleaning agents that retain their form, dry ice sublimates when it impinges car components and surfaces at a high speed. Similar to other processes, dry ice particles lose their kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of dry ice, combined with the abrupt cooling, causes dirt, dust, and grime to become brittle and fragile. With this process, contaminants get lifted off easily.

A close-up of the carboy line of a black car and an automechanic washing the tire of a car using a pressure washer
A close-up of a hand wiping a tire center cup using a blue cotton fiber rug.

Surfaces and Components That Can Be Cleaned By Dry Ice Blasting a Car

Dry ice blasting car detailing can remove a wide variety range of contaminants, including grease, oils, ink resins, bitumen, adhesives, waxes, silicone, and rubber residues. In some cases, it can also be used to remove paint or varnish.

Meanwhile, it’s also safe to use on various car surfaces and components, such as the following:

  • Metal Parts: Chassis, Rims, and Engines
  • Rubber Parts: Tires, Seals, Exhaust Brackets, and Handles
  • Electronic Components
  • Textiles: Seats, Mats, and Roof Liners
  • Plastics: Armrests, Dashboards, and Pedals

Why Choose 5280 Motorsports

1. Years of Experience

5280 Motorsports has been providing automotive services in the Centennial State since 2005. With more than a decade's worth of experience, we guarantee you that we are experts in everything we do. Having been here long enough, we have learned the ins and outs of repairing and maintaining premium cars.

Our team of well-experienced mechanics has impressive analytic skills and technical abilities. They can help you resolve any problem you encounter with your premium car. While they specialize in vehicles from German manufacturers, they can also service automobiles from other brands, regardless of the make and model.

2. State-of-the-Art Equipment

To ensure the highest degree of quality, we at 5280 Motorsports utilize the best and latest equipment when performing dry ice blasting in Denver, CO. Our team of skilled mechanics uses modern tools and devices to help our clients maintain their premium cars. They also undergo relevant training regularly.

3. Array of Services

Aside from dry ice blasting in Denver, CO, our team provides a broad array of automotive services. We provide in-depth maintenance and repair services. Our team conducts accurate diagnostics and takes the necessary action to resolve any automotive problem.

At 5280 Motorsports, we also provide inspections to check whether there are car components that need servicing. To maintain the high-speed performance of premium cars, you can also rely on us to perform reliable engine tune-ups.

We service cars from the most prominent German manufacturers, such as Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen, and other European brands, including Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Lotus Cars. Regardless of the brand, make, and model, we are the ones to trust.

4. Communication and Commitment

We at 5280 Motorsports value our relationship with our clients. Should you have any problems or concerns regarding our services, feel free to inform us. We will listen to you and take the necessary course of action to address them.

Our team of expert mechanics understands the importance of maintaining premium cars to preserve their appeal, performance, and resale value. It's for this reason that we always strive for excellence. We are committed to providing top-notch quality services, including dry ice blasting in Denver, CO, so hiring us ensures that your premium car receives the best care.

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