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Maximize the driving potential of your vehicle with regular, reliable Lamborghini car service.

There’s always something about Lamborghinis that leave people in awe. Famous for its vertical door, Lamborghini has produced one of the most exceptional cars, complete with ultra-powerful engine performance and revolutionary design.

Lamborghinis can offer so much more than what meets the eye. Holding one of the highest depreciation values for a luxury vehicle, Lamborghini is an excellent choice for those looking for stylish cars for investment. Taking care of this exclusive vehicle means keeping up with all the necessary tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs.

The care and maintenance needed for a Lamborghini are unlike any other regular car. This requires regular services from experts equipped with specialized technology and equipment to service Lamborghinis.

At 5280 Motorsports, we offer just what you need to keep your luxury car in its peak condition. With almost two decades of experience, our specialty mechanics have gained extensive knowledge in handling Lamborghini auto repair, replacement, and maintenance needs.

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Lamborghini Repair Service

Our Lamborghini

Car Services

5280 Motorsports is an authorized Lamborghini car service provider in Denver. We know that each of its models—Gallardo, Miura, Aventador, Veneno, or Urus—are all crafted to perfection, and we want to keep it that way. Our high-quality services include:

1. Scheduled Maintenance

Our technicians will perform regular comprehensive diagnostic checks and maintenance services to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

2. Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI)

When you send your vehicle for PPI, we'll provide you detailed information of the mechanical condition of your Lambo so you can always drive with confidence.

3. Oil and Filter Change

A high-performance car, like the Lamborghini, requires regular oil change and filter replacement once a year or every 9,000 miles to keep it running smoothly.

4. On-Board Computer Diagnostics

5280 Motorsports utilize high-tech diagnostic tools to detect any potential automotive problems in your vehicle and have access to helpful troubleshooting information. Our specialty mechanics also perform regular ECU tune-ups and flashing to maintain the optimum performance of your vehicle engine.

5. Fuel Injection Cleaning

Your fuel injector should always be clean and free from mineral residue to lengthen the life span of your engine system and keep it performing at its peak.

6. Steering, Suspension, and Wheel Alignment

If there are any misalignments and imbalances in your car's wheel and suspension system, it's essential to send your vehicle for Lamborghini repair in Denver right away.

7. Axles and U-joints Repair and Replacement

Your driveshaft functions as a weight regulator to ensure optimal driving experience at all times. For any issues in your car's axles and u-joints, send your vehicle to our shop for Lamborghini repair in Denver right away.

8. Engine Tune-up

You can ensure many years of driving enjoyment with regular engine tune-ups. Any engine failure can be dealt with by our highly-trained mechanics who specialize in any types of Lamborghini repair in Denver.

9. Rattles, Squeaks, and Bangs Repair

Rattles, squeaks, and bangs can be signs of an automotive failure. At 5280 Motorsports, our Lamborghini car repair experts will check for potential problems in your vehicle and provide solutions in no time.

10. Major Systems Diagnostics and Repair

Our Lamborghini auto body repair technicians specialize in the diagnostics and repair of all major systems in your vehicle, including:

  • Major Engine and Transmission
  • Brake and Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
  • Radiator and Water Pump System
  • Battery, Alternator, and Starter
  • Engine Lights
  • Emissions, Exhaust, and Mufflers System
  • Fuel Injection
  • Timing Belts
  • Belts and Hoses
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Power Windows and Doors

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5280 Motorsports

5280 Motorsports is a team of highly-trained and professional Lamborghini auto body repair technicians who have been providing premium care and maintenance to luxury vehicles in Denver. While we mostly cater toEuropean cars, we also provide specific services to other car brands.

Our auto body shop houses the best technology and a network of automotive experts to ensure that your high-end car receives the top-notch services it deserves. We are meticulous in our services, and we carefully comply with all the repair guidelines recommended by the manufacturers of each vehicle sent to our shop.

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Bring your Lamborghini to 5280 Motorsports!

Give your luxury vehicle the personalized attention and high-quality care it needs.

The right mechanic can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your Lamborghini in its top shape. Call our team of specialty mechanics today for more information about our services.